mso_article_teal_seven_tips_on_avoiding_resolving_hospital_physician_conflictsHospitals and physicians are grappling with major changes to their industry, as both parties strive to improve quality and outcomes and reduce costs while dealing with changing payment structures. This goal of achieving the triple aim will be impossible to attain without achieving alignment and collaboration between physicians and hospitals, according to Rick Sheff, MD, principal and CMO of The Greeley Company.

“We cannot improve quality and reduce costs without changing how we take care of patients. The corollary to that is physicians have to change how they practice medicine, and hospitals have to change how they take care of patients,” he says.

Ideally, they would do that in partnership with one another. However, there are several other issues at play in healthcare today that can lead to conflicts between the two groups and hinder advancement toward the shared goal.

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