GuideDownload your complimentary copy of The Greeley Guide to External Peer Review. 

The increasing spotlight on quality and safety issues in healthcare has made peer review more important than ever. Legal, regulatory, accreditation, and other requirements demand that healthcare organizations have solid peer review policies, procedures, and practices.

In addition to maintaining excellent internal peer review systems, healthcare organizations should understand why, when, and how External Peer Review (EPR) might be necessary and useful to them. Effective use of EPR can, for example, reduce conflict, head off litigation, provide a rationale for corrective action, and move an organization past roadblocks in its performance improvement efforts. 

The Greeley Company invites you to download a complimentary copy of The Greeley Guide to External Peer Review.

Feel free to contact Greeley’s External Peer Review division at any time for more information at 888-749-3054 or email epr@greeley.comYou may also wish to browse our full resource library for more free tools and resources for hospital and physician leaders!

* Please note that this guide was released as a four-part series from May through August, 2016. The entire guide is available for download, as are the following four individual sections:

  • Part One: What Is Peer Review and Why Is It So Important? 
  • Part Two: What Should My EPR Policy Cover?
  • Part Three: How Do We Proceed When We Determine EPR is Necessary?
  • Part Four: Peer Review Confidentiality, Laws, and Protections

Greeley Guide to External Peer Review