Did you know the 59 percent of Chief Medical Officers have been in executive roles less than four years? But the role is so pivotal...

Every organization has struggled at one point or another to fill this key and complex role. It takes time. So what happens in the meantime?

Greeley offers experienced Interim Chief Medical Officers who are hand-picked to be:

  • Passionate about patient safety and quality and a tireless advocate for patients
  • Encourages teamwork and collaboration among physicians and inspires the respect of peers and staff
  • Committed to evidence-based medicine and able to lead standardization of care initiatives
  • Ready to be a standard bearer for organizational mission and values, while exhibiting stellar listening and problem-solving skills

The bonus is that they are also skilled at paving the way for a permanent candidate to assume the role once they are recruited, interviewed, vetted, hired, and onboarded.

Employing a Greeley Interim CMO allows you to not only take the necessary time to find the right permanent candidate, but you also set the stage for long-term success by not putting CMO roles and responsibilities on hold or stressing adjacent positions during your search. 

Even if you are considering internal candidates for the role of CMO, having an experienced Interim CMO in place for a period of time to mentor them and ease the transition is a proven succession model.

Let's start the conversation about how a Greeley Interim CMO can serve your organization.