Survival Guide to CMS Surveys

Navigating a CMS Termination & Tips for Resolving
Threats to Your Medicare Certification

2019-08-20 Infographic - CMS Termination_DIGITAL

While it’s not something any hospital wants to experience, the threat of receiving a CMS Statement of Deficiencies (CMS Form-2567) with Notice of Immediate Jeopardy or Notice of Termination is a reality. Hundreds of hospitals receive such a notice of termination every year. It is imperative that hospital leadership and their team know precisely how to respond to  CMS termination letters. 

The Guide to CMS Surveys includes:

  • What to expect when you receive a Statement of Deficiencies (CMS Form-2567)
  • Details on how to prepare your Plan of Correction
  • Eight tips from Greeley experts on resolving threats to your Medicare certification

The Greeley Company's team of regulatory compliance and quality experts summarize the key components of navigating a CMS termination, and tips to successfully resolve threats to your Medicare certification in this new survival guide infographic.

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