Is Your Medical Staff Services Department Optimized to Avoid Revenue Impacts?

A hospital "flexes" its staff up and down all the time to meet the clinical needs of the census. Do you make similar staffing adjustments when a large volume of newly employed practitioners is onboarded? Backlogs in credentialing applications for newly employed practitioners cost big money. (Calculator here.) And the claims write-offs for delays in enrollment? There is revenue to be reclaimed in the medical staff services department. You just have to know where to look. (We have a webinar on that.)

The key questions for every CFO to ask are:

  1. What's the credentialing application turnaround time for newly employed physicians at my organization? (If it's more than 21 days, you are leaving money on the table. See calculator.)
  2. Are our credentialing and enrollment processes aligned to avoid delays leading to claims write-offs?
  3. Is staffing optimized? Are we "flexing up" during peak volume periods in the medical staff services department to avoid costly backlogs?

The Greeley Company has offered consulting and interim staffing solutions for hospitals and systems nationwide for more than 25 years. Our most frequent staffing placements are credentialing and medical staff professionals --individuals and teams. Greeley can help you flex up for: 

  1. New credentialing software system implementation;
  2. Backlogs in initial applications, reappointments, or enrollment;
  3. Merger or acquisition of another healthcare facility resulting in increase of credentialing/privileging requests;
  4. Increased volume of locum tenens or employed physicians requesting credentials/privileges; and
  5. Getting to paperless without diverting attention from mission critical day-to-day activities.

Greeley can also help you cover your bases during short-term staffing gaps as permanent employees are recruited and hired, as well as during medical leaves of absence. Greeley offers:

  • Ready-to-roll individuals and teams,
  • Highly trained professionals at all levels, and 
  • Experienced team members who can seamlessly step into a range of roles.

Let's start the conversation about how Greeley's consulting and interim staffing solutions can work for you: